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Trump’s Trapped

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Donald Trump has inadvertently laid himself one hell of a trap.  In his speech today, he said:

The father of the Orlando shooter was a Taliban supporter from Afghanistan, one of the most repressive anti-gay and anti-women regimes on Earth.

I only want to admit people who share our values and love our people.

Hillary Clinton wants to bring in people who believe women should be enslaved and gays put to death.

This is similar to what he said right after Orlando:

The burden is on Hillary Clinton to tell us why we should admit anyone into our country who supports violence of any kind against gay and lesbian Americans.

Obviously, he is referring to people from Muslim nations.  But you know what people have also violently targeted gays?

Christian Ugandans, who are a particular favorite of many American evangelicals – the very same evangelicals that Trump is courting.

(Oh yeah, and also Putin and the Russians. A favorite of Donald Trump. Though, Putin hasn’t been able to pass a law to jail gays… yet.)

It would behoove the Clinton campaign to push reporters to ask Trump – is he saying he would shut out Christians from Uganda?  Would they be forbidden from immigrating to the US, because they’ve violently targeted gays?

If not, then how is their violent targeting of gays somehow acceptable to him versus ISIS’s?  Besides religion, what’s the difference?

And if he would ban them from entering the US, would he also deport those who supported the Ugandan “kill the gays” bill, since those people obviously “support violence” against people simply for being gay, lesbian, bi or transgender?

Trump has made a serious proposal, here, and it deserves serious scrutiny.

Author: Eric Schmeltzer

That progressive guy. Very different from that Progressive Girl (aka "Flo"). Also an independent PR consultant.

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