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Paul Ryan Commits Political Malpractice (On Purpose?)

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Paul Ryan cannot be this stupid.  He really can’t.

FBI Director James Comey barely finished saying the words “no charges,” in relation to the Hillary Clinton email investigation, when Speaker Ryan promised to drag Comey in front of Congressional hearings, implying something just wasn’t right with Comey’s announcement.

Let’s cut to the chase: James Comey can either be an unimpeachable man of integrity, who thoroughly investigated and offered up very harsh, stern rebukes of how Hillary Clinton handled her personal email server, or he is hiding something, in trying to protect Hillary Clinton.

It cannot be both.

Apparently, Speaker Ryan has decided to make the latter argument into the GOP argument.

If you’re going to call into question James Comey’s judgment and integrity, you cannot then use his words in television ads against Clinton.  You’ve cut his legs out from under him, rendering anything he says “questionable” in the minds of people.

Further, if you’re going to turn the story into one about James Comey and his integrity, guess who the story isn’t about anymore?

Hillary Clinton.

You’re changing the entire focus – the entire dynamic -to the story, taking the harsh spotlight off Hillary Clinton.

In so many ways, this move is a gift to Hillary Clinton.  Speaker Ryan – who is not a dumb guy –  has to realize that, doesn’t he?

Author: Eric Schmeltzer

That progressive guy. Very different from that Progressive Girl (aka "Flo"). Also an independent PR consultant.

One thought on “Paul Ryan Commits Political Malpractice (On Purpose?)

  1. After decades of foregoing working on issues in favor of muckraking scandals the Republican Patty is left with nothing but a convention headed by Donald Trump. Nice job, guys.

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