Eric Schmeltzer, President

Ever since he was five-years old, and went to bed at 8pm on November 4, 1980, upset that Jimmy Carter wasn't going to be president anymore, Eric has been interested in politics, and learning what must be done to win. Thankfully, his career in the business has lasted longer than the Carter Administration did.

He began his career as Communications Assistant and Communications Director for Public Campaign, one of the fiercest advocates for real campaign finance reform. There, he expanded the group's presence in the media, forming new relationships with reporters and organizing press conferences.

In 1999, he left that position to become Press Secretary for Rep. Jerrold Nadler (D-NY). In that position, he was responsible for taking Rep. Nadler from a little-noticed back bench member of Congress, to a frequent commentator in newspapers and television, on core progressive causes, and the aftermath of the 2000 election.

In 2003, he joined Howard Dean's Presidential campaign, as Press Secretary and Deputy NY Campaign Manager.  During that time, he took great pride in the unapologetically progressive campaign message that he helped develop.

In 2004, Eric began his own independent public relations company, first named Schmeltzer PR, and now Winning Progressive Message & Consulting.

Through the company, he continues to be dedicated to helping progressive groups and causes, and has branched out to help new consumer products come to market, as well.

And he may or may not still go to bed upset about 1980.


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