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How Trump Will Win the Debates, With Moderators’ Help

“I do not believe it is my job to be a truth squad. It’s up to the other person to catch them on that.” – Chris Wallace, FOX News, on how he will moderate the debates.

Thanks, Chris Wallace.  You just gave Donald Trump his roadmap to winning the debates.

OK, that’s unfair to Chris, a little bit.  The other moderators surely won’t spend all of their time fact checking, either.

Therein lies the Trump strategy.

Tell lies and half-truths non-stop.

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Trump Dispute On Wall Could Be an Implosion

I’ll make this short and sweet. Donald Trump’s campaign is built on three pillars:

  1. He will make foreign leaders fear and respect us, because he’s tough
  2. Relatedly, he will make great deals for America, because he can strong arm others
  3. Unlike “crooked Hillary” and the establishment, he will never lie to you, and will tell it like it is

In one news cycle, it is possible he has blasted those three pillars with dynamite.

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Trump’s New Message is a Winner. Here’s How Hillary Can Counteract It.

Donald Trump 9.0 was launched last night (or is it 10.0?  9.5? I lost track).

For a brief moment in time, fueled by a teleprompter filled with messaging from new campaign manager Kellyanne Conway and campaign CEO, Breitbart’s Stephen Bannon, Trump had a narrative that finally worked.

To use a phrase of Trump’s, I hated to just give him credit for something, “believe me.”

Now, if he regresses to his usual self, he’ll say something horrible and the campaign will be caught up in a whirlwind of controversy.  But what if he doesn’t?  This new campaign message can work, quite effectively.  So, what should Hillary do?

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Bernie, Israel, Britain, and Perspective

It is hard to remember that Israel, now much maligned for how it handles the West Bank, Gaza, and Palestinians, was once a group of fighters seeking to oust an occupying force — the British — from what was, then, the “Palestinian Mandate.”

Throughout the  1920’s and 30’s, as the British restricted Jewish immigration into modern-day Israel, Zionists, who were seeking a homeland, began to form paramilitary groups, like Haganah and Irgun.  They bombed British military installations, and important infrastructure, as Zionists continued to illegally bring in more Jews.

Things came to a real head in 1939, with the release of the so-called “White Paper.”  That document, from the British government, rejected the notion of a partitioned Jewish homeland outright, and severely restricted all Jewish immigration, as a means to crush all dreams of a Jewish homeland.

Then came Hitler.

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What Trump Refuses To Say On Shootings Says It All

It wasn’t until the Associated Press asked him in an interview to address bias against African Americans that Donald Trump even acknowledged that Philando Castile and Alton Sterling were black.

That’s no mistake.

Throughout the days since the tragic murders of Castile and Sterling, and the brutal slayings of heroic police officers in Dallas, Trump’s statements have been carefully crafted to avoid any inference that black Americans face any kind of special circumstance when it comes to their safety.  That includes avoiding any mention that they were black, at all.

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Paul Ryan Commits Political Malpractice (On Purpose?)

Paul Ryan cannot be this stupid.  He really can’t.

FBI Director James Comey barely finished saying the words “no charges,” in relation to the Hillary Clinton email investigation, when Speaker Ryan promised to drag Comey in front of Congressional hearings, implying something just wasn’t right with Comey’s announcement.

Let’s cut to the chase: James Comey can either be an unimpeachable man of integrity, who thoroughly investigated and offered up very harsh, stern rebukes of how Hillary Clinton handled her personal email server, or he is hiding something, in trying to protect Hillary Clinton.

It cannot be both.

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The Op-Ed Bernie Didn’t Write, But Should Have

Yesterday, Bernie Sanders was given the chance to write an op-ed in the New York Times.

He had a golden opportunity to write a campaign-changing piece, and he whiffed. His piece focused on Brexit as a warning to Democrats to take seriously the negative economic impact of the global economy. Essentially, it was the same campaign speech he gave 1,000 times, recycled, using Brexit as the hook. It was largely ignored — not because he doesn’t have a point — but because he offered up nothing new.

Here is the op-ed he should have written. Here is the op-ed that would have made an impact on the debate. It would have given him new relevancy, and stature, as he continues to try to reform the Democratic Party.

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