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  1. you would be more creditable if you comment on Democrats too?


  2. Eric, you are just another liberal POS


  3. Eric,
    I just read your article on Yahoo. And you progressives wonder why you can’t maintain a TV talk show to successfully? Too bad your parents obviously bought into every one of your yarns growing up. You have now become an adult that continues to see and attempt to explains thing through a jaundice lens with little understanding of the definition of the words you choose to use.


  4. And you have the hypocritical nerve to say Carly is lying?


  5. Schmeltzer, you are pathetic in your blog about Carly. You obviously had a tragic childhood and still haven’t matured.


  6. Eric Schmeltzer, I read an article, thought you wrote (you name was at the top , with your web address: Carly Fiorina Lies to Fox, has a Bri-Wi problem. When I tried to find on your site, it found nothing. I told friends about it. How I find it?


  7. Good blog about Carly, but, Al Gore never said he invented the Internet. His quote referred to taking “initiative” in Congress to create the Internet. He also referred in that quote to taking initiative in other areas. It took me 20 seconds to find several published stories about this.


  8. Brilliant insight regarding Trump Organization should close down. It’s so obvious, why aren’t the media talking about this?


  9. I was going to comment that you are a hack Hillary Clinton coughing attack hack but it appears the world has beat me to it oh well at least you’re getting the message


  10. Unlike the comments above, I don’t particularly care if you roast Donald or Hillary. I find it ludicrous that none of you seems to get it. The reporting on both sides of the media (basically Fox news against the Rest), is the worst i have ever seen, then again these are easily the worst candidates I’ve ever seen. The reporting is so extreme on both sides, and so partisan, that you obviously don’t get it. An obviously partisan destruction of either candidate simply convinces the followers of that candidate that the media is out to get him or her, and polarizes them further. I have yet to find a news outlet that can simply report the news without slanting, commenting and condemning. The biggest problem facing this country is not which lying, conniving, bombastic, criminal candidate wins the election, it is the attempted amoral control of our destinies by the media. Notice that nowhere do I use the term “news reporting”, there is virtually none of that left. If lawyers and the media were regulated and punished for malfeasance and misinformation, we would not only be better off, we wouldn’t have 70% of the politicians to deal with, and 95% of the media! Have a great election cycle, I simply am praying for it to be over – it matters not who gets elected, we already know who gets screwed!!


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