Strategic Communications Planning and Execution
Have a goal and not sure how to reach it? You need a plan! We can help.

We'll work backwards, from what you want to achieve, on what timeline, and develop a strategic public relations plan to help get you there. We'll need to be aggressive, yet tactical, in our thinking.

While Winning Progressive Message & Strategy can utilize all the traditional tactics, from press releases to live press events, we will never waste your time or resources. We won't deploy a tactic unless it fits into a well-honed strategic plan to get you to your goal. In short, no bloated proposals and invoices.

From free (earned) media plans, to paid advertising and marketing, we'll work with you to come up with a plan on your timeline, and within your budget.

Effective Message Development
You have 10 seconds to sum up your vision. You have 30 seconds to make a case in an ad. Oy vey, let's not even talk about Twitter! So, lets create that message, together.

In the business world, they call it the "elevator pitch." If you come across someone in an elevator, and need to sell them on your campaign or organization before they get off, what would you say?

It's much harder to do than you think! Winning Progressive Message & Strategy excels in creating tight messaging, to get your mission and values across — fast.

Go-to-Market and Launch Strategy
If you are the new kid on the block, we'll develop a strong strategy to get you noticed by an ever-overwhelmed media.

At Winning Progressive Message & Strategy, we love working with new organizations and new products.

You've created something special, and you're excited about it. That's infectious. Let us help you translate that enthusiasm into a strong plan to get off the ground. From finding the right outlets and reporters to cover your launch, to conjuring up creative ways to get noticed, there's nothing we love more than developing an exciting plan that work for you.

Media Relations
Strong messaging and strategy relies on strong media relationships, to succeed. We'll act as your point-of-contact for all media, leveraging our 20-plus years experience to create media relationships for you that endure.

Paid Ad Scripting
Much like effective message development, coming up with paid advertising that is tight and impactful is not always easy.

We conceive and script bold ads that get you noticed, and work with a number of vendors who will produce them for you.

Already have an ad team? We will work with them on messaging that supports your other communications efforts.

Speech and Op-Ed Drafting
If a blank page is staring you in the face, and it is too overwhelming, we can help. Let us help you get your thoughts in order, and write speeches and opinion pieces that educate and move people.

We'll write in your voice, giving you the confidence that no one will ever know you had our help. It's our secret. Pinky swear.


Please use this form to drop us a line. We love to hear from new people with big plans, and love turning them into reality, even more.