Winning Progressive Message & Strategy prides itself on the work we've accomplished for a wide array of clients. Below is just a small sample of the work that we have done. Please contact us to learn more about what we've done for others, and what we can do for you.


Countable (now Causes) approached us to help with their product launch. The app was amazing in its simplicity. It was a one-stop shop for people to get a quick summary of bills being considered, and message their Senators and Representatives with how they wanted them to vote, with just one click.


Winning Progressive helped them develop their launch message and pitch, and took it to the media. The launch was wildly successful, getting the attention of the Today ShowThe New York TimesPoliticoTechCrunchWired, and more.


We also helped them develop message and paid advertising (both message and targeting) aimed at increasing downloads at a lower cost.


By focusing on the millennial market with tongue-in-cheek messaging that mirrored the conversational tone of the app, Winning Progressive Message & Strategy was able to lower the cost-per-install for Instagram and Facebook ads to under $1 – well under the average of $2.74. Countable quickly gained hundreds of thousands of users in its first couple of years, in part because of our help.


Causes now has over 190 million registered users, and a thriving white-label product under its original name, Countable.

Campaign for a New GI Bill

In 2008, we were proud to help The Campaign For a New GI Bill launch their efforts.


We developed the idea for the group’s logo and branding, and helped promote their initial activities on Capitol Hill.


The group got off the ground fast, gaining quick traction and support. President Obama signed the new GI Bill, soon after taking office.

Sunlight Foundation

The Sunlight Foundation approached us in 2004, to assist them with their initial public relations efforts, soon after their launch

Sunlight launched with the mission of using new technology to help people shine a light on government and those who work in it.


We seized on one piece of research that the group had found: Then-Speaker Dennis Hastert had pushed for a highway offramp to be built, leading to land he owned, which he then sold off. 


We believed it would be just the kind of shot across the bow of the political establishment that Sunight needed to announce their existence.


It was a success, and Sunlight jumped on to the political scene in a big way. Here’s just a small sample of the major stories in local and national outlets that we received.


In 2007, as the war in Iraq became more and more of a disaster, President Bush continued to use the excuse that he was “listening to commanders on the ground,” regarding his strategy. To us, and our client VoteVets, it was the ultimate shirking of responsibility, yet no one was calling the President out on it.


A number of retired brass approached the organization, opposed to President Bush’s handling of the war. The question was, “What should they say?”


Winning Progressive proposed a simple new narrative – President Bush wasn’t listening to his commanders on the ground. Working closely with VoteVets, we developed what we nicknamed “The Generals Ads,” which led the way for our new message.


The ads gained national attention, and political watchers all agreed it changed the narrative.


“Mission Accomplished.”


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